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Importing Audio from a Hard Drive Into ProTools

To the right side of the screen is the audio bin, where files are loaded and stored until you're ready to use them in a track.

To load files into the audio bin, move your mouse to the words "audio bin." Press the mouse button to reveal a series of options. Choose Import Audio.

In the Import Audio box, navigate to where your audio files are stored. Highlight the audio you want to add to your bin, and choose Copy Files. You should see your selected files appear in the "Regions Currently Chosen" box.

To add additional files, double click on the filename above and then click Add. Press the Done button when you're finished.

Next a dialog box will appear asking where you'd like to save your files.

Choose the "Audio Files" folder.

You should now see a list of your audio files in the audio bin. You can now drag the files onto
new audio tracks to add them to your project.

Note: you can also import audio from a video clip in Final Cut Pro, to do more advanced editing of the audio in ProTools. See the section of the Final Cut Pro tutorial on Exporting to Pro Tools for Detailed Audio Editing.