pro tools

Importing Audio from the Minidisc to ProTools

Once you have a minidisc recorder connected to your computer through an Mbox, use Pro Tools to create a new track of audio into which you'll import the audio on your minidisc.

To do that, in the menu at the top select File...New Track.

In the dialog box select a new mono track. Type in a name for the track that describes the audio you're importing, like "interview" followed by a persons name.

On the left side of the track you'll see an R button, which stands for record mode. Click the button - the R will turn red.

On the computer screen, with the selector tool click once in the track you created at the point where you want the new audio to be located.

Turn on the minidisc recorder and begin playing back the audio on it. You should hear sound in your headphones and see the audio metering level on your track move up and down.

Monitor the audio to set the proper input level. Listen and look at the audio level meter on the left side of your track. The loudest audio level should bring the bar up around the M button. You should avoid having the audio level set so high that it drives the meter into the top red zone.

Adjust your audio input levels as needed. Do this by first changing the volume on the minidisc recorder, and then using the Source 1 and Source 2 knobs on the MBox.

On the minidisc recorder, use the playback controls to move through our tracks of recorded audio and "cue" the audio to where you want to begin recording.

To begin recording into Pro Tools, press Cmd-Spacebar.

Then start play on the minidisc recorder. You are now recording into Pro Tools. The waveform of sound will display on the track and the track will turn red.

To stop the recording process, press the space bar.

Be sure to save your work (Cmd-S).

To recording other audio tracks on your minidisc recorder into Pro Tools, again use the selector tool and click in the track in ProTools where you want the new audio to be located.

Repeat the recording procedures described above.

When you've finished recording your audio into ProTools, press the R button to exit the record mode.

Save your session.