protovis javascript charts: part 1

Protovis JavaScript Charts: The Basics

Getting Started

Let''s start with the html starter page from the related links section. Open the page in the TextMate text editor. (Free 30-day trial) Under the Window menu select Web preview. TextMate uses the Safari browser engine to give you immediate feedback on your code. Once you have the document open, find the script that looks like this in the head area:

Take a moment to look at the URL, this URL tells the browser where to find the Protovis library. Eventually, you will need to load the Protovis files on your own Web server, but until then use ours. Just know that when we update it, the link will change and your graphics will stop working.

Now look for this script in the body tags.

Note that is says javascript+protovis. This area is where we are going to make our charts.