protovis templates

Simple Column Chart

Use a column chart to illustrate a change in units over time.

Edit, input your data

Editing the data in the file is fairly strait forward. There are two values you can edit and they are labeled "Date" and "barData". Each is followed by a colon : and a value you can change. The value following Date can be hours, days, months, years, etc. and can be a number or a string (text in quotes). The value following barData must be a number.

Edit basic chart settings

The next section allows you to customize the size, positioning, color and other elements of your chart. Each is explained with a comment in green that will not affect your code.

Advanced settings

This section has information to automatically redraw the chart when the data changes. You shouldn't have to edit here with one exception. If you want to highlight a specific bar, change the activeBar number.