qgis basics for journalists


Installing QGIS on a Mac can be a little complicated since it requires a few support programs to operate efficiently. Simply downloading the QGIS package that matches your operating system will allow you to complete the tutorial but QGIS will not function as well.

Mac users

Go to the Mac download page and download the GDAL and GSL frameworks and install them. You must have an admin password.

We're going to skip the GRASS install. GRASS is another open source GIS application that can give QGIS better data management. It's very powerful but more than we need at this point.

Download the QGIS package that matches your system and install it.

Windows users

The Windows install is super easy. Everything you need to get started is in one exe file. Go to the Windows download page and download the QGIS installer. The wizard will install everything you need, including all the frameworks and GRASS application. The install may take a while so be patient.