recorder's office

Looking Up Documents

Once you've used the recorder's office name index to identify a document in which you are interested, you then can look at the full document, which has a lot more information than what is listed on the name index.

Some recorder's offices have moved to a fully computerized system, in which there will be links in the name index to digitized copies of the documents listed.

In other systems, you'll need to write down the recorder's document number from the name index and then search for that document number on a computer terminal in order to get a digital version of the document.

In other cases, especially with older documents, you need to write down the recorder's document number and go to file cabinets where the actual documents are stored on boxed rolls of microfilm.

Each roll of microfilm has a range of document numbers, so look for the roll that includes the document number you're seeking. For example, if you're looking for document number 03-150, if might be in the microfilm roll box labeled 03-100 to 03-200.

Check out that roll and load it on a microfilm viewer (there usually are several viewers at a recorder's office). Then scroll through the microfilm until you reach the numbered document you want to review - such as 03-150 in the example above which would be half way through the roll.