search engine optimization — basics

Additional Training

SEO is both an art and a science. Just like virtually everything we learn improvement comes with experience and with ongoing training.

There are many SEO training courses available—some are online; some are traveling seminars; some are on college campuses. These courses vary in price from free to several thousand dollars and the quality varies as well (not necessarily correlated to price). 

Before you decide to pay for additional training I strongly advise you to take the online course at Google Conversion University. This online program will give you a solid foundation in SEO and Google Analytics. The instructional design is excellent and the material is easy to understand. The course is free. You may elect to take the $50 certification test to prove to yourself—and others—that you've mastered—or at least understand—the fundamentals of SEO.

After completing the Conversion University Course you will be better able to evaluate what other training you need and you will also be better able to gage the quality of the program you are considering.