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Use Keywords in Anchor Tag

Use Keywords in Anchor Tag

An essential component of the web is hypertext or hyperlinking—linking from one piece of content to another. The basic HTML element for creating a link is the anchor tag. The HTML format for the anchor tag is <a href="url">Link Text</a>. Both the destination URL and some link element are required. 

You can improve SEO by using relevant, accurate keywords as the anchor text. Using descriptive keywords as the anchor text describes the destination content for end users and for search engines. Having someone refer to your site content with a "click here" link does little to improve your SEO. If the other text around the anchor text is also related the relevancy of the link increases. 

write good anchor tags

The above example from Google's SEO Starter Guide shows that anchor text is directly related to the content at the site. If the surrounding text discussed collecting rare baseball cards then this link would add even more to the destination site SEO. A list of links with "Click here" would add little to the destination site's SEO score.

Linking from the page or article the visitor to your site is currently viewing to other content on your site helps the reader see more of your related content. These internal links also improve your SEO. Use the same thought in your internal links as you do with your external links.

Make your links easy to spot. With CSS it is easy to style your links and it is tempting to make your links blend smoothly with the rest of your text. Make sure your links stand out for visitors. Visitors to your site are interested in your information and your hypertext link are important.