sony hxr-nx70u


The battery for the Sony NX70 camera is inserted into a compartment that is behind the LCD screen on the left side of the camera.

Open the LDC screen, then slide the battery compartment cover to the right and swing open the cover.

Insert the battery with the arrow on the top of the battery pointing in and the metal contacts on the battery flush with the left side of the battery compartment.

Inserting battery into Sony NX70

Push until the battery clicks into place.

Warning - the battery should slip into place with relatively little resistance. Don't force the battery into the compartment. If you're getting resistance check to make sure the battery is positioned correctly, with the arrow facing in.

When the battery has clicked into place, close the battery compartment cover and slide the cover to the left to lock it in place.

Removing the Battery

Removing battery from Sony NX70

To remove the battery, slide the battery compartment cover to the right and swing open the cover. Then push on the small blue battery release lever to the left to release the battery, so you can pull it out of the compartment. Then close and lock the battery compartment door.

Battery Life

To check how much time is left in the battery look at the battery icon inthe upper right of the LCD screen.

Re-Charging the Battery

You can re-charge the battery in the camera.

First make sure the power switch on the back of the camera is in the OFF (CHG) position.

Then insert the battery into the camera as described above.

Plug one end of the AC adapter cable to the DC IN jack on the back of the camera and the other end of the cable into a power outlet.

The camera will start charging the battery.