Averaging Numbers

Another common calculation is averaging a series of numbers.

In our spreadsheet on the types of weapons used in homicides, for example, what if we wanted to know the average number of firearm-related homicides each year between 2004 and 2008 (cells B6 to F6).

To do this, click on cell:


And in that cell type:


averaging numbers formula

Or you can use the shortcuts to writing formulas described before and apply it to averages.

Click on cell G6 and then in the far right of the toolbar just above the spreadsheet click on the Formulas tool symbol that looks like this:

formula tool icon

Scroll down and select:


averages using formula tool

The formula =AVERAGE() then will be inserted into cell G6.

Now you can type B6:F6 between the parentheses.

Or, with your cursor positioned between the two parentheses, click on cell B6, hold down the shift key and click on cell F6.

The spreadsheet will add that span of cells to the AVERAGE formula:


Press the enter/return key and you'll see there was an average of 9,876.2 firearm-related homicides a year from 2004 to 2008.