digital still cameras


After you've taken some pictures, you can review what you shot and delete unwanted photos.

To do this, go into Playback mode on the camera, which will display your photos on the LCD screen. You can scroll through the pictures one at a time or display multiple images on a single screen. When you enter Playback mode, the last recorded picture will be displayed on the LCD screen, and you can use the left and right arrow keys (or the Omni Selector) to navigate through the collection of images on the CF card.

Rebel: Press the blue Playback button on the back of the camera. It's marked with an arrow icon. The last image you shot will appear on the LCD. Press the Info button on the back of the camera to see a wealth of metadata about the current image (such as resolution, exposure settings, timestamp, etc.)

You can zoom in and out on an image by pressing the magnifying glass buttons at the top right back of the camera body, or pan over the image by using the arrow keys. As long as you are not in pan or zoom mode, you can press the blue checkboard icon button to view nine images at a time. Use the Jump button to skip forward nine images at a time. To get out of checkerboard mode and focus again on a single image, navigate to that image with the arrow keys and press the Play button again.

PowerShot G1: Go into playback mode by using the main dial on the top of the camera. Turn the outer ring of the dial from the on or off positionto the blue playback icon arrow.

PowerShot G5 and Pro1: Go into playback mode via the small ring that surrounds the OFF button. Push your thumb on the small recessed button and slide the toggle from camera mode to playback mode.

You can view "metadata" (additional information) about the currently displayed image by pressing the DISPLAY button on the back of the camera at the bottom. To get more information on the particular photo, press the display button a second time.

To see the next image, use the "omni selector" -- the gray or black button with four arrows that's on the back of the camera on the top right.

You can display nine photos at a time by pressing the multi replay button on the back of the camera on the top left (it's the same button that sets the flash when you're in camera mode). This button looks like a small checkerboard. The multi replay mode will let you see your images as thumbnails, nine to a screen.

You again can use the left-right and up-down arrows on the omni selector button to scroll through the photos. And once you've selected a photo you want to view in more detail, press the multi replay button again to return to displaying a single picture on the screen.