tascam dr-100 digital audio recorder


The Tascam recorder is a digital audio recording device that saves audio onto a Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) card - the same kind of card used with a digital photo camera.

The amount of audio that can be recorded on a SDHC memory card depends on the size of the card used. There is a recoding time Chart in the Tascam manual if you need the extact time. Generally, a 2GB card will record about 2-3 hours in WAV.

The audio on the SDHC card can be downloaded onto a computer via a USB cable.

You can also transfer the audio to a computer using an inexpensive "card reader" that attaches to the computer via a USB cable.

Remove the SDHC memory card from the audio recorder, and insert it into the card reader. A folder will appear on your computer desktop containing the audio files you recorded, which you then can drag onto the desktop, onto some other folder on the computer or onto a portable storage device such as a firewire drive.

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