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Advanced Searches

Your basic Twitter search is fine, but not nearly specific enough to meet the needs of journalists. What if you want to show all searches that contain the word "revolution" and that were posted near Tripoli? For that you'll need Twitter's strangely hidden Advanced Search. You won't find a link to it anywhere on their web site, so navigate your browser to

Try this: In the "All these words" field, type "city council" in quotes. In the Places field, near this place, type in your zip code. Click the search button.

Advanced Search1

If you're covering community government, the power of having this query at your disposal is clear. This is a query you'll want to come back to!

Note: As of this writing, the advanced search feature only indexes a few days worth of data - hopefully this limitation will be lifted in the future, but since Twitter is all about real-time, there's still a lot of usefulness here.

Let's say you want to find all of the tweets by representative Weiner where he discussed his love of hockey. Type "hockey" into the Words field, and "repweiner" into the From field. Bingo!

Explore the other fields in Advanced Search to see what else it can do.

Unfortunately, there is no way to save advanced searches as of this writing. Hopefully this will change in the future. However, you can save search results as an RSS feed - just click the "Feed for this Query" link near the top right.