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Editing Text in Flash Templates

After opening the war template in Flash, take a look at the structure of the timeline. It is structured in a non-linear fashion with four story sections and the "front" section which is the front page. You can tell which section is which by looking at the "labels" layer which has identifiers of each section.

War template timeline

When you move your red playhead across these sections you will notice that the content on the stage changes below, along with the text depending on which section you're in. It is important to be aware of which section you are in, and which keyframe (black dot) you are working on. Remember, the stage and timeline are linked. Anything you do on the stage will affect the layer and keyframe that happens to be currently selected in the timeline.

To edit the opening title, move the red playhead to the "opening" section of the timeline. On the stage, you should see the opening page with the title text.

Editing titles in a Flash template

Editing the text is rather easy, simply double-click on the text box and your cursor will automatically change to the text tool. Repeat this process for the byline.

Editing the inside titles

Editing the titles inside the project (on story1, story2, story3...) is a little bit more difficult because the text box is inside a symbol. Remember, symbols are like containers. When you double-click a symbol, you go into symbol editing mode.

Move your timeline over "story1" (or any of the stories). The stage will change to reflect the content on those sections. Here you will notice that the inside title had a greenish box over it. That is an invisible button -- a "hit area" so that when users click on it, they are taken back to the home page.

Double click on this green area (using the black arrow tool, not the text tool. You may have to change your cursor) and you will be taken into symbol editing mode. You know you're in this mode because the timeline changes, and at the top of your flash screen, there is a bread-crumb navigation that tells you which symbol you're editing. (Notice "Headline" at the top)

Editing the inside titles of the Flash template

At this point, all you need to do is double-click on each of the three text boxes on the stage and edit them. Remember to change your cursor back to the black arrow tool by clicking on the black cursor in order to select something on the stage, otherwise it will draw another text box.

Black arrow selection tool in Flash

To go back to main timeline, click on "scene1" at the very top of the screen.