Importing Photos And Audio

Importing audio and photos into Soundslides is so easy, this section is almost pointless. The interface pretty much explains it all:

Importing photos and sound into Soundslides

There are two main buttons. One will allow you to select the folder with all the images you plan to use in your slide show, the other will allow you to select your audio file.

The folder that contains your images should only include the edited images that WILL run in your slide show. Soundslides is not a photo editing program, and you should not load in your entire shoot.

Custom options

You may have noticed a dialogue box on the left for additional options. This allows you to create custom sized slide shows. You can also change the size later in the program.

You may wish to create custom sized slide show presentations if:

  • You are embedding your sound slides project in a container and it needs to fit just right
  • You are working with unorthodox image proportions (i.e. all of your images are panoramic)
  • You are concerned about controlling the exact size of your images and the two default sizes are not to your liking.

Soundslides, by default, will automatically create three slide shows of different sizes: 600 x 450 pixels, 400 x 300 pixels, and 200 x 200 pixels.