Preparing Your Files

Once you have purchased, downloaded and installed the Soundslides program from, you can begin the process of creating an audio slide show.

But before you even launch the program, it's important that you prepare your files for import. Soundslides will handle a lot of the heavy work like resizing and ordering your images, but there are a few things it can't do.

Preparing your images

Soundslides WILL:

  • Resize all of your images for you
  • Allow you to order them any way you wish
  • Take care of file naming and linking
  • Retrieve any embedded caption information

Soundslides will NOT:

  • Color correct or adjust the contrast/brightness of your images
  • Crop or allow you to crop your images
  • Give you a way to edit photos among hundreds of photos

This means before you even launch Soundslides, you should first choose only the photos you intend to use in your slide show.

You should color correct or adjust any images that may need correcting, and crop images to preference. The resolution size doesn't matter since they will get resized by the program. Just make sure you images do not become any smaller than 640 pixels (or the largest size you intend on using.) Put all of your photos in a single folder. You will tell Soundslides where the folder with all of your images are, so you should create a folder with ONLY the images you have selected for your slide show.

Soundslides only accepts .JPG files. Also, you should never check the "Progressive" option when saving images from Photoshop or any other photo editing program. Your images will not show up if this is selected.

Preparing Your Sound

Preparing sound is extremely important in Soundslides. Soundslides is built as an audio slide show program, so if you are using the standard edition, audio is required. Only Soundslides Plus will allow you to create slideshows without audio.

It's important to note that the length of your slide show will be determined by the length of your edited audio track.

This means that preparing your audio can be a tricky process. For example, if you have five minutes of audio, you have to determine how many photos you intend to show over the course of five minutes.

5:00 min of audio / 30 images = 10 seconds an image (too long!)

There are no hard-and-fast rules to the length of time an image should be displayed, but the general consensus is three to seven seconds with three seconds being somewhat quick (very little time for the viewer to experience the image) and seven seconds being on the long end (the longer an image appears, the "slower" your presentation will ultimately feel, even it's short in total length.)

Out of the box, Soundslides accepts only .mp3 audio files. If you wish to convert from a .wav file or another uncompressed format, please see the next section on converting your files, or you can follow this link to converting your files to mp3 using iTunes: