using spreadsheet data in google maps and google earth

Get the Latitude and Longitude

Step 31

Return to the first page of the spreadsheet and scroll to row 81, control+click the link to view the map in Google Maps.


Step 32

None of the locations appear in the map.

Note the sidebar folders show, but have no content. 



Step 33

The spreadsheet Placemark Data page shows there is no latitude or longitude information. 

Note the bold red error message. Google Maps require latitude and longitude coordinates. 


Step 34

Copy the indicated header row cells, the empty latitude, longitude cells and the address information.


Step 35

Go to and click the "Geocode an address link."


On the next page select:

2. Geocode multiple addresses

Step 36

Use the form to find the latitude and longitude of your addresses.

Paste in the copied information (1). Click the "start geocoding" button (2). Copy the results information (3).

 geocode address

Step 37

Paste the copied Results information into a text editor.


Step 38

Save the file with a .csv (comma separated value) extension.