using spreadsheet data in google maps and google earth

Starting the Spreadsheet

Step 5

This is the Spreadsheet Mapper template.

Basic instructions are included in the body of the spreadsheet. Note the ALL CAPS red warning to only edit white cells.

 Make sure you edit the White cells

Step 6 

Click the File menu and select Rename… Provide a name and click OK. 


Step 7 

On the first page of the spreadsheet enter the appropriate basic information about your organization. 

Enter your basic information

Step 8

Click the Publish tab  and then click the Publish now button.


Step 9

This publishes your spreadsheet to the web. The spreadsheet now has a URL. Copy the link to the spreadsheet.

Step 10 

Paste the link to the published spreadsheet into the white cell under the "Publish spreadsheet" heading (1). Then click in the highlighted cell (2) and copy the resulting code. Do not double-click the cell to copy.