sony pd 150/170 video camera accessories

Lavalier Microphones

Lavalier microphones, commonly referred to as lav mics, are tiny mics that you clip onto a person's shirt or lapel to record their voice.

They're especially good to use for a sit-down interview with someone. They'll screen out much ambient sound - traffic, wind or other voices. And you can hide almost the entire mic and not have it show on camera.

To do this, have the interview subject run the mic cable up the inside of their shirt to their breastbone area. Clip the lavalier there on the inside of the shirt, with the mic facing out.

This will create a natural, nice-looking interview. And make sure you wear headphones so you can hear if the mic starts rubbing against fabric.

Lavalier microphones often have their own power source - usually a single AA battery (microphones that need a power source are called "condenser" mics).

Lavalier microphoneTo insert the battery, unscrew the metal barrel toward the end of the microphone cable (be sure to turn the portion of the barrel that doesn't knot up the cable as you unscrew it).

Then insert a AA battery into the slot, in the direction indicated by the diagram inside the barrel.

The end of the metal barrel also has the XLR jack to connect the lav mic to the camera using an XLR cable.

On some cameras, you'll also need an audio adapter for the camera into which you plug the other end of the XLR cable.

Tip: always have some extra AA batteries on hand. You don't want the lav mic going dead in the middle of an interview.

One sign that a battery is getting low on a lav mic is that you'll start to hear a crackling sound in your headphones.