sony pd 150/170 video cameras

Power Button to Record

On most cameras there's a power dial button - usually on the back of the camera - that you use to select:

  • Camera - to record video
  • VTR - to playback video you've already recorded, or to capture it into a computer using video editing software. When you set the camera to VTR a display should light up on the top of the camera with touch-screen buttons you can push to rewind, fast-forward, play and stop the tape.
  • Off - to turn the camera off and preserve your battery

Some cameras also have a memory setting, which you use with a memory card to record still images (this isn't the only way to shoot still photos, see the section on shooting still images)

To start recording, you first turn the power dial to the Camera setting. (this is when you can make any of the focus or exposure adjustments we'll be discussing later)

Then press and hold down the red record button, usually on or near the power switch, to begin recording.

On the Sony TRV900 PD150 and PD170, the power dial is on the back of the camera. Press and hold down the tiny green button to turn the dial to the Camera setting (if the dial won't turn, make sure the tiny Lock button is pushed toward the front of the camera to unlock the dial)

Then press the red start/stop record button, which is in the middle of the power dial, to begin recording. Press the start/stop record button again to stop recording.

On the Sony PD150 and PD170, there's an alternate start/stop record button on the top right toward the front of the camera.