voter registration records


Records of registered voters are kept on a county level, usually in a Voter Registrar's Office, sometimes called an Elections Office.

In California, copies of the voter registration records also are kept at the California Secretary of State's Office.

The information on a voter includes the person's home address, political party affiliation, date of birth and sometimes a phone number. 

To see what information is required from a voter, check the U.S. Election Assistance Commission's National Mail voter Registration Form

In California, to see what information a person is asked to provide when registering to vote, check the Voter Registration Form at the California Secretary of State's website.

However, much of the personal information, such as a home address and phone number, is not open to the general public because of privacy cconcerns. In California, a reporter can get access to the restricted information if you can demonstrate you need it for "journalistic purposes."

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