wordpress: getting started

Set Your Byline and Password

Before doing anything else in the Dashboard, take a look at your personal "profile" page, which you can get to by clicking your name or username at the top right of the WordPress interface:

We can ignore most of what's on the profile editing page for now, but there are three important things to take care of right away:

1) Most WordPress installers only ask for a username. But you're a journalist, and want your full name to appear on the stories you write. Scroll down to the Name section and enter your first and last name.

2) Once those have been entered, click on the dropdown labeled "Display name publicly as" and select your full name:

Most WordPress themes will use this as your byline -- if it's not present, they'll fall back to your username, which is not very professional looking.

3) At the bottom of the Profile editor you'll find two fields where you can enter a new password. If you've been assigned a password you can't remember, enter the password you want to use, twice. It goes without saying that passwords should not be re-used between sites, and should not include words that could be found in any dictionary.