wordpress: getting started

Managing Content

WordPress includes a very nice interface for quickly searching for stories to edit (or delete). You can also use this interface to filter content by category or date.

Click the Posts link in the Dashboard sidebar to see all of your content listed by date.

Use the status section (1) above to filter by posts that have been published, in draft mode, in the trash, or all posts.

Use the Search feature (2) to find posts by keywords in the title or body of the post.

Click column headers (3) to sort the results by Title, Author, or Date.

Click a post title to edit just that post.

This interface also provides some very powerful batch-management capabilities, letting you change the categories, tags, authors, or publish status for hundreds of posts at once. See our Beyond the Basics tutorial for more on that.

Deleting Posts and Pages

If you want to delete a post, click on the checkbox for the post you want to delete. From the Bulk Actions dropdown, select "move to trash".

There's also a "move to trash" link on each post-editing view. The Trash link is to the right, at the bottom of the Publish section.

To restore items from the Trash, view Trash from the Posts manager, then roll your mouse over the item you want to restore. You'll see options to Restore or to Delete Permanently.