wordpress: beyond the basics

Batch Post Management

You can control any aspect of a post or page from the Post or Page editor, but what if you want to control the status of lots of posts at the same time? Let's say, for sake of argument, that we already have a News category on our site, and we want to give all stories in the News category a "Breaking" tag, and simultaneously cause them all to be authored by a particular writer.

Note: Categories and Tags are covered in our WordPress for Writers tutorial.

First, click on Posts in the left sidebar, and look for the set of controls above the lists of Posts. Start by filtering on the News category -- pull down the View All Categories picklist and select "News," then click Filter. You'll get a subset of all content in your site in that category. To select all of the resulting stories for batch action, click the lone checkbox above the column of post checkboxes (#2, pictured). This will cause all checkboxes in the column to be checked.

If there are any stories you want to exclude from the batch operation, uncheck them now. Next, from the Bulk Actions picklist, select Edit, then Apply. You'll get an interface something like this:

Now just apply all of the changes you want to make to the selected articles. In this case, we're adding a "Breaking" tag to them, and setting the author to "shacker" but notice that we can also add them to additional categories, turn comments on or off, change their publication status, etc.

This is an extremely powerful tool, which gives you "just enough rope to hang yourself with" -- use with caution!