wordpress: building a "topics" site


A news site often publishes many related articles on the same topic, such as "Healthcare Reform." While these disparate articles may be linked to one another through a tagging or category interface, it's ideal if a site can maintain a stable, easy-to-remember URL that gathers related content under a single umbrella. Having a "topic page" like this helps readers, who now have a single definitive source to bookmark for a given topic, helps with search engine optimization, and helps the publication generate traction on particular areas of coverage.

Please see the Topics Sections portion of KDMC's The Transition to Digital Journalism tutorial for more on the significance of Topic Sections.

This tutorial has two goals:

  1. Provide instructions to fellows in KDMC training programs on using the demonstration Topics Central CMS we provide for demonstration purposes.
  2. Show developers how to create a Topics Section-oriented site with WordPress. We even provide a downloadable Topics theme!

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