How To Create A ZeeMap

Here's a map created in ZeeMaps:

Map Sample

The markers here were generated from data in a Comma Separated Value (CSV) Excel file. We'll show you how to create a CSV file, but first start your own map by signing into ZeeMaps.

At the ZeeMaps homepage, click 'Sign-In/Register.'


Sign in with your email and password, or click 'Not Registered' if this is your first time using ZeeMaps. Once you've clicked 'Register' or 'Sign-In,' ZeeMaps will take you to the maps you own or have recently visited.


From here, click on the ZeeMaps icon at the top of the page to get a blank map. 


After you click that button, you'll find you're back at the ZeeMaps homepage where you can click 'Create Map.'

As soon as you click 'Create,' a 'Create A New Map' bubble pops up.

Give your map a name and a starting location. You can also set an administrative password to your map. Click 'Create.' A new blank map will appear with the name you've given it at the top.


There's no data on it yet, but it if you entered a starting location, it should be zoomed into that place on the map. To get data, go to Excel. Next, we'll show you how to get an Excel file ready to import.