Import Your CSV File

Here's our blank, named map.

To import data from your Excel file, go to the 'Additions' menu:


1. Click on the 'Additions' menu tab on the upper left-hand corner of the map;

2. Click on the 'Upload CSV file' button.

An 'Import CSV' window will pop up:


1. Browse your computer and select the CSV file you want to import;

2. Enter your email address so ZeeMaps knows where to send you a link to your new map;

3. 'Click Submit.'

Before your data is imported, ZeeMaps will do its best at corresponding the CSV fields to its map fields, and then will have you match your fields.
If the field you want is not showing up, you may need to go back to 'Customizations,' 'Markers Fields' menu to add additional fields in ZeeMaps. You may also need to return to the CSV file to make sure you named your field headings properly. When everything looks like it matches, hit 'Submit.' This window indicates your fields are matched and ZeeMaps is processing the data:


For small maps, you can wait about a minute and refresh your map. To refresh your map,

1. Go to the 'View' menu;

2. Click 'Refresh.'


For maps with large amounts of data, refreshing may not be enough. You may have to go to your email and click on the link ZeeMaps sends you to get to your map.


Click on the link, and you should get your map, with data markers.


Here's the map we saw at the beginning of the tutorial. Note that the colors included in the CSV file came through. Next we'll learn how to edit the look and data in the map markers.