Multimedia Workshops

kdmcBerkeley delivers hands-on, skills training for journalists, communication professionals and educators interested in digital media and the information ecosystem to create engaging multimedia, multi-platform content.

kdmcBerkeley instructors are experts in digital media with more than a decade of experience training journalists and communications professionals in the art of strategic audience engagement using the latest multimedia tools and techniques.

  • Gain critical insight into the evolving web and its applications
  • Engage audiences using new media tools
  • Learn to effectively develop a transmedia strategy to generate impact across multiple channels
  • Experience dynamic, interactive training from world-class instructors

Past Programs:

Multimedia Storytelling Institute June 10-21, 2013

kdmcBerkeley, an industry leader in professional training

Our training has been singled out in a 2011 survey as one of the leading resources in helping journalists develop digital skills. More than 30 percent of respondents said kdmcBerkeley had a significant impact on their ability to produce meaningful journalism.

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What our training includes:

Transmedia Storytelling

Produce and deliver effective multi-platform digital content tailored to the capabilities and user experiences of tablets, smart phones, and the Web.

Participants are taught skills they need to produce quality multimedia stories including: video recording and editing, photography and audio slideshows, voice coaching for narration, creating interactive charts, graphs and maps to visualize data; mobile reporting techniques for breaking news, social media and community engagement. Also included are presentations by experts on the most pressing issues in online publishing.

Social Media & Engagement

Leverage social media to reach new audiences, establish beneficial conversations with end users, strengthen brand identity, establish thought leadership and build community. The workshop includes hands-on training using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for communications and driving web traffic.

Data Visualization

Apply data to stories to engage audiences and create “platform agnostic” visualizations that can quickly be optimized for web, smart phones and tablet devices. Create a clearer, more meaningful picture of the complex statistics, tell stories with interactive GIS maps, and create beautiful and effective interactive charts.

Who Should Attend

Our training is targeted to public relations and communications professionals, non-profit and government agencies, museums, corporations that publish print or online material, journalists and others interested in developing essential multimedia skills for the 21st century.

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