Mar 16-21 2005 Multimedia Training

North Gate Hall, UC Berkeley

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The Knight Digital Media Center's Multimedia Reporting and Convergence Workshop, March 16-21, 2005, offers intensive, short course multimedia training for mid-career journalists. The workshop covers all aspects of multimedia news production, from basic storyboarding to the incorporation of multimedia features in storytelling. Participants are taught the technical skills they need to produce quality multimedia stories including audio/video recording and editing, Flash graphics, digital cameras, Photoshop and web design concepts. Guest speakers discuss the future of journalism, the role of technology and the importance of audience engagement.

A series of presentations on new media and multimedia storytelling featuring Noah Glass of Odeo and Audioblogger; Andria Ruben McCool of Keyhole; Regina McCombs of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune; Bill Gannon of Yahoo!; Craig Newmark of craigslist; Amy Hill of the Center for Digital Storytelling; Terry Moore of the Orange County Register; Mary Miller of the Exploratorium, and Rob Curley of the Lawrence Journal-World.

Application deadline was Mar 2, 2005 12 a.m.


Some presentations from this workshop were webcast live.
Archived webcasts may be viewed below.

Audioblogging and Podcasting

Doing a Multimedia Story

Craigslist and Emerging Journalism

Digital Storytelling: New Media's New Storytellers

Preparing Newspapers for the Future

Museums as Mediators for Science

Let's Quit Building Crappy Newspaper Sites

Earth Stories: Mapping Technologies for New Media


The following presentations were provided to workshop participants but not publicly webcast.

Internet News: What’s Next


The following people attended this workshop as "fellows."


Workshop participants often produce multimedia web sites as part of their instruction.
In most cases, these demonstration web sites are available for public viewing.

Living History

3D moving imagery allows users to feel as if they were in ancient Cairo, Egypt.

A Man and His Frogs

Berkeley professor Tyrone Hayes turns his childhood interests into a career in environmental science.

Simulating Spaces

UC Berkeley researchers are using virtual reality to determine the best design for public spaces.

Tuco-Tucos: Ctenomys Sociabilis

UC Berkeley scientists think the tuco-tuco, a furry little burrowing rodent in the southwestern Argentina river valley, might help them answer important questions about why some animals live in groups rather than by themselves.

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