May 20-25 2007 Multimedia Training

North Gate Hall, UC Berkeley

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The Knight Digital Media Center's Multimedia Reporting and Convergence Workshop, May 20-25, 2007, offers intensive, short course multimedia training for mid-career journalists. The workshop covers all aspects of multimedia news production, from basic storyboarding to the incorporation of multimedia features in storytelling. Participants are taught the technical skills they need to produce quality multimedia stories including audio/video recording and editing, Flash graphics, digital cameras, Photoshop and web design concepts. Guest speakers discuss the future of journalism, the role of technology and the importance of audience engagement.

Featured speakers include: Tom Mallory, Chuck Scott, Alexa Capeloto, Nicole Vargas, San Diego Union Tribune; Seth Gitner, Lindsey Nair,; Brian Storm,; Richard Koci Hernandez, San Jose Mercury News; Rob Curley,; and Colin Crawford, IDG Communications. UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism lecturers Jane Stevens, Ellen Seidler, Marilyn Pittman, Scot Hacker, Jeremy Rue and Samantha Grant present the workshop’s core multimedia curriculum.

Application deadline was Apr 13, 2007 11:59 p.m.


Some presentations from this workshop were webcast live.
Archived webcasts may be viewed below.

Building the Multimedia Newsroom

Citizen Journalism

Multimedia Storytelling

New Media Technology

New Media Business


The following presentations were provided to workshop participants but not publicly webcast.

Multimedia Storytelling, Web Shells and Storyboarding

Storyboarding Basics

Multimedia Coverage of Breaking News

Video Camera Instruction

Video Shooting Techniques

Long Form Multimedia Reporting

Flash Audio Recorders

Deigital Photo Cameras

Mac Comuters Training

On Becoming a Multimedia Journalist


Stand-Ups and Voice Overs

Soundtrack Pro Audio Editing

Final Cut Pro Video Editing

Flash Storytelling Photos and Text

Flash Storytelling Audio and Video

Dreamweaver and Multimedia Web Sites


The following people attended this workshop as "fellows."


Workshop participants often produce multimedia web sites as part of their instruction.
In most cases, these demonstration web sites are available for public viewing.

The Perfect Fire

At 3:41 a.m. on April 29, 2007, a tanker truck carrying 8,600 gallons of gas hit a guardrail on the Interstate 880 connector in Oakland, Calif., and overturned. A giant fireball melted the freeway directly above, causing it to collapse. The accident in the MacArthur Maze, one of the nation's busiest interchanges, raised important questions about freeway safety.

Are we safe from the next killer quake?

Thousands of highway overpasses throughout California are in danger of failing during a catastrophic earthquake. Civil engineers are taking a close look at the way bearings – the components sandwiched between a bridge deck and its supporting pillars -- perform during quakes. At the seismic lab, they are running earthquake simulation tests on bearings made of different materials. The goal: Safer overpasses.

Pests of Summer

The pests of summer are coming out. UC Berkeley's pioneering pest-management program offers environmentally friendly alternatives to pesticides to battle roaches, ants, mosquitos, and yellow jackets.

Bigger faster stronger

If you think the UC Berkeley campus is just a place for academia and social protest, think again. Cal has a rich athletic tradition dating back to national championship titles in the 1930s. Mike Velasquez, strength and conditioning coach, is responsible for the success of many recent Cal athletes.

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