Feb 17-20 2009 Technology Training

North Gate Hall, UC Berkeley

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The Knight Digital Media Center's Technology Training, February 17-20, 2009 provides hands-on, newsroom-focused training on technologies driving innovation in reporting. Workshop fellows create database-driven map mash-ups, use of GPS for hyperlocal news, create and post to blogs, create audio, video and .pdf podcasts, and create identities and participate in social networking sites.

A major component of the intense 12-hour daily schedule is engaging in discussions lead by national leaders in journalism, technology, business, and newsroom innovation. Participants leave with new tools for reporting and with new insights on how to serve new and emerging audiences.

Application deadline was Oct 17, 2008 11:59 p.m.


Some presentations from this workshop were webcast live.
Archived webcasts may be viewed below.

New and Old Roles for Tomorrow’s Journalists

The Internet Reporter and Multimedia

The West Seattle Blog

The Windy Citizen: Lessons from the Future

Reports from the Field

The Golden Age of Journalism


The following presentations were provided to workshop participants but not publicly webcast.

Building a System for Breaking News/Intro to the Newsroom

Blogging Basics, Twitter

Blogging your TED story

Basic Map Mashup (create and post)

Point mapping from data sources (create and post)

RSS for Geo Data

Geo Mapping Photos (create and post)

Producing Multimedia Content - SoundSlides, Podcasts

Creating and Deploying Publication Widgets

Using Flash Shells

Facebook Basics

Engaging your audience: Facebook, Mobile, Youtube, Flickr

Practical Content and Revenue Solutions


The following people attended this workshop as "fellows."

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