Jun 14-19 2009 Multimedia Training

North Gate Hall, UC Berkeley

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The Knight Digital Media Center's Multimedia Reporting and Convergence Workshop, June 14-19, 2009 offers intensive, short course multimedia training for mid-career journalists. The workshop covers all aspects of multimedia news production, from basic storyboarding to the incorporation of multimedia features in storytelling. Participants are taught the technical skills they need to produce quality multimedia stories including audio/video recording and editing, Flash graphics, digital cameras, Photoshop and web design concepts. Guest speakers discuss the future of journalism, the role of technology and the importance of audience engagement.

UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism lecturers Jane Stevens, Paul Grabowicz, Ellen Seidler, Samantha Grant, Marilyn Pittman, Scot Hacker and Jeremy Rue present the workshop’s core multimedia curriculum.

Application deadline was Mar 27, 2009 11:59 p.m.


Some presentations from this workshop were webcast live.
Archived webcasts may be viewed below.

Filling the Void in Community News Coverage

Friday Night Rewind... and Forward

Multimedia Design Concepts


The following presentations were provided to workshop participants but not publicly webcast.

Web-Centric Journalism: Web 2.0 and Web News Sites

Multimedia Storytelling

Media Characteristics and Storyboarding Basics

Mac Computer Training In Multimedia Lab

Social Networking for Journalists

Video Camera Instruction

Video Techniques Overview

Video Shooting Techniques

Thinking Beyond Print

Digital Audio Recorders and Microphones

Digital Photo Cameras and Photo Slideshows

Transfering Audio, Photos and Video to Computers

Stand-Ups and Voice Overs

Adobe Photoshop In Multimedia Room

Final Cut Pro Video Editing and Script Writing

Soundtrack Pro Audio Editing In Multimedia Labs

Creating Photo Slideshows with SoundSlides

Adobe Flash Storytelling-Building Templates for News


The following people attended this workshop as "fellows."


Workshop participants often produce multimedia web sites as part of their instruction.
In most cases, these demonstration web sites are available for public viewing.

The Missing Link Bicycle Co-Op

The missing link is a bicycle co-op run by the employees themselves. There is no boss, and each employee has equal share in the business' success. The rent, sale, and offer bike repairs. They have been in operation for 36 years. They are not a business that runs on commission, and pride themselves on their variety of opinions and expertise. Like other locally-owned, collectively-run Berkeley businesses, the Missing Link Bike Co-Op, manage a business and deal with problems in a truly democratic way.

Takara Sake

Takara Sake USA Inc., is a member of Takara Group, the leading corporation of alcohol-related business and biotechnology based in Japan. Takara has great experience in producing Shochu, Mirin and Sake for more than one-and-a-half centuries. Because Takara's main business endeavors depend heavily on the mastery of natural processes such as fermentation, the Company feels a strong responsibility toward preserving the natural environment. As a self-proclaimed "Harmonist," Takara engages in activities aimed at educating people about the importance of sustainable coexistence with nature. Its work in this area is embodied in Takara's corporate philosophy: "Contributing to the creation of a vital society and a healthy lifestyle for its members through our fermentation technology and biotechnology in a way that achieves harmony with nature." The Museum features items and displays of interest to both experts and the general public. It includes an exhibit of the historical sake-making process, sake artifacts and implements collected by Takara Sake USA, and a history of sake-making in America. The collection is the only one of its kind in the U.S.A.

Yoga to the People

Yoga to the People is a unique yoga studio with the goal of recapturing what we consider to be the essence of yoga… simply put, yoga made available to every one. In a time where yoga as a business is getting a lot of attention, the fact that it is being priced out of many people’s reach is in direct conflict with what we consider to be the spirit of yoga itself. The question our studio seeks to answer is: Can a yoga studio maintain itself as a business while keeping the focus of its intention on providing yoga as a service first and foremost? Yoga to the People is priced on a “donation-basis.” This means that they expect you to give only as much as you can. There is a suggested donation of $10 a class. However, the purpose of the course is not to make a profit, but to create an open space for any and all to practice.

Charles Chocolates

Charles Chocolates is the story of one man’s dedication to the art of chocolate, his pursuit of perfection and a complete and total passion for producing only the finest confections. With Charles Chocolates, Chuck has set out to redefine the world of fine chocolate confections. He uses only the finest ingredients, including some of the world’s best chocolates, organic herbs, fruits and nuts as well as the freshest organic Straus cream and butter. Everything is made by hand in very small batches using traditional techniques, and all of the chocolates are shipped to our customers within three days of being created. This dedication to perfection is evident in each piece of chocolate. Every one is both bold and delicate — the perfect combination of flavor and texture. Charles Chocolates contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

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