Feb 22-26 2010 Web 2.0 Training

North Gate Hall, UC Berkeley

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The Knight Digital Media Center's Web 2.0 Training for Journalists, February 22-26, 2010, provides participants with hands-on, newsroom-focused training on innovative publishing tools and technologies. Workshop fellows create data-driven map mash-ups, use Google publishing and data visualization tools, create SEO-smart blog posts, shoot, edit and post HD video, create publication widgets, and use Facebook and Twitter both for reporting and for driving traffic.

A major component of the intense 12-hour daily schedule is engaging in discussions lead by national leaders in journalism, technology, business, and newsroom innovation. Participants leave with new tools for reporting and with new insights on how to serve new and emerging audiences.

Application deadline was Dec 18, 2009 11:59 p.m.


Some presentations from this workshop were webcast live.
Archived webcasts may be viewed below.

Sheparding a Brand Across Multiple Platforms

Data Visualization on a Budget

Journalists as Curators. Journalists as Scholars.


The following presentations were provided to workshop participants but not publicly webcast.

Intro to the Newsroom

Workshop Publication Intro

Blogging & SEO Basics

Posting to Workshop Wordpress Blog

Blogging your TED story

Data Visualization Basics

Data Visualization-Advanced Topics

Basic Map Mashups

Creating a Crime Map- Using Data to Map a Story

Video Production Overview

Visual Storytelling Techniques & Scripting

Video Camera Basics - Video and Audio Operations

Final Cut Pro (Scratch Disks & Log and Capture)

Final Cut Pro & Scriptwriting

Exporting Video for Your Blog

Social Network Overview

Social Networks--Hands-on Techniques and Best Practices (Session 1)

Social Networks--Hands-on Techniques and Best Practices (Session 2)

Curating and Aggregating Content - Tools & Best Practices

Publication Widgets

Google Analytics: What it is and How to Use the Information

The Golden Age of Journalism


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