Training Projects

As the capstone of our week-long training workshops, fellows produce integrated multimedia projects utilizing their newly acquired tools and skills. Using video, audio, maps, photography, Flash and more, these projects illustrate some of the storytelling techniques that fellows learn during their time at the KDMC. Listed below are examples of fellow's work from our Multimedia and Web 2.0 workshops.

Jul 25-27 2012 Video for Storytellers

The Local Butcher Shop

Berkeley Hat

Waterside Workshops

Jun 18-29 2012 Multimedia Storytelling Institute

Cancun Taqueria

Moe's Books

Saturn Cafe

La Note, Berkeley

Jan 08-13 2012 Digital Storytelling

Berkeley Typewriter

Berkeley High Art

Pt. Isabel Dog Park

Saul's Delicatessen


La Farine Bakery


East Bay Center for Creative Reuse

Yasai Market

Boss Robot Hobby

Dec 11-16 2011 Digital Storytelling

Berkeley Ace Hardware

Berkeley Student Food Collective

Triple Rock Brewery


Taste of the Himalayas

Missing Link Bicycle Cooperative

Cheeseboard Collective

Ruby's Garden

Guerilla Cafe

Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen

Jul 17-22 2011 Multimedia Training

Children’s Fairyland

The Crucible – Fired Up Camp

Cultured Pickle Shop

The Jazzschool

Prescott Circus

May 15-20 2011 Multimedia Training

Hunger in Alameda

Berkeley Student Cooperatives

Holistic Veterinary Care

Kinetic Arts Center

Trumer Pils Brauerei

Feb 14-18 2011 Web 2.0 Training

The Road to Going Green


Food Frights



Jan 09-14 2011 Multimedia Training

Athletic Playground

Back to the Roots

Godspeed – Motorcycle Repair

St. George Spirits

Revenge of the Funhouse

Jun 13-18 2010 Multimedia Training

Gondolas ... in Oakland?

A Place Called Home

Redwood Valley Railway

Head Over Heels

May 16-21 2010 Multimedia Training

Berkeley Acupuncture Project

Golden Key Piano School

Downtown Berkeley Storefront Art

Pacific Pinball Museum

Jan 10-15 2010 Multimedia Training

Fourth Street Studio

Creative Reuse

Arizmendi Rising

Oakland School of the Arts

Jul 12-17 2009 Multimedia Training

Berkeley Ballet Theatre

Berkeley Youth Alternatives Production Garden

Trapeze Arts

Berkeley Animal Care Services

Jun 14-19 2009 Multimedia Training

The Missing Link Bicycle Co-Op

Takara Sake

Yoga to the People

Charles Chocolates

May 17-22 2009 Multimedia Training

Bees and Gardening

A Neighborhood Afloat

Creating Community - Berkeley Farmer's Market

Recapturing a Lifetime

A Healing Haven for Pets

Mar 22-27 2009 Multimedia Training

Center for Independent Living

Games of Berkeley

Alameda Point Collaborative

Urban Ore

Jan 11-16 2009 Multimedia Training

The Bone Room

People's Grocery

Youth Radio

Volunteers for the Botanical Gardens

Jul 06-11 2008 Multimedia Training

Ailey Camp

Creative Growth

Hip-Hop Heaven

Going Green

Jun 08-13 2008 Multimedia Training


Berkeley's Bells

An Oasis of Biofuel

Butterfly Wars

May 18-23 2008 Multimedia Training

Disabled on Bikes

Tracking Nature's Footsteps

Eco House


Jan 06-11 2008 Multimedia Training

The Digital Da Vinci: Artist & Inventor Steve Beck

Just Your Type : Typewriting in Berkeley

Rip. Mix. Burn.

East Bay Vivarium

Dec 16-21 2007 Multimedia Training


Cosmic Virtuoso

Corpse Flower

Ukulele Revival

May 20-25 2007 Multimedia Training

The Perfect Fire

Are we safe from the next killer quake?

Pests of Summer

Bigger faster stronger

Mar 25-30 2007 Multimedia Training

Bog People

Living Green

The Greatest Science Circus on Earth!

Easy Rider

Dec 10-15 2006 Multimedia Training

Survival of the Fastest

Stick like a Gecko

Meet the Digital Diggers


May 21-26 2006 Multimedia Training

Is Aurora BioFuels the new dawn?


As the Worm Churns

The Berkeley Bees

Mar 26-31 2006 Multimedia Training

Amazing "Flying" Ants

Making the Connection

Growing up Triceratops

The Case of the Snorkeling Genius

May 22-27 2005 Multimedia Training

360 Degrees

Tele-Immersion: Virtually Being There

Junkyard Stradivarius


Mar 16-21 2005 Multimedia Training

Living History

A Man and His Frogs

Simulating Spaces

Tuco-Tucos: Ctenomys Sociabilis

May 18-23 2003 Multimedia Training

Connexus Connects U

Motes: Spying on Nature