About Us

About Us

Berkeley Advanced Media Institute is the world’s premier center for digital media workshops and custom training programs. Career professionals from around the world choose Berkeley Advanced Media Institute’s programs to gain valuable insight and skills in digital media content production, multimedia storytelling, social media, data visualization, and digital publishing.  Our instructors are UC Berkeley award-winning faculty and leading industry practitioners who are experts in creating and developing compelling innovative digital stories across multiple digital platforms. Visit Berkeley AMI to join one of our upcoming workshops, to inquire about custom training programs, or to access free tutorials and resources online.

Digital Media Team

Vicki Hammarstedt is the digital media director for Berkeley Advanced Media Institute. An entrepreneur with a passion for all things digital, Vicki has had an eclectic career as a technology teacher, the developer of a charter school, co-founder of an e-commerce company, and as the business director in the telecom industry. She currently designs and produces multimedia training programs bringing the latest technologies and innovations in storytelling to career professionals throughout the world. When not recruiting savvy, smart industry leaders and academics as partners to support the new media programming, she can be found bicycle touring or bee keeping. Flynn May is media program specialist with Berkeley Advanced Media Institute. With a background in administration, communications and event production, Flynn has worked with Berkeley Advanced Media Institute since 2014, coordinating workshops and special projects. Offline, Flynn is a writer, an actor and a board member of an Oakland maker space. Alexandre Bui is the marketing specialist for Berkeley Advanced Media Institute. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 2017 as an Integrative Biology major and transitioned into his current position in January 2018. His background in photo & video comes in handy when creating original content for Berkeley AMI’s marketing materials and documenting workshops. When not at work, he devotes much of his free time to his photography business, as well as managing a local property where he currently resides in. Graelyn Brashear is a journalist and audio producer with a master’s degree from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. She has worked as a reporter and editor in daily and weekly print media and in public radio. She currently runs the Berkeley Advanced Media Institute’s podcast services division, and develops audience engagement strategy for Jetty, Al Jazeera’s new podcast venture.

Digital Media Program Instructors

Our instructors are luminaries from academia and industry. They are award-winning storytellers in all things digital with practical experiences in multimedia, visual journalism, social media, data visualization and digital publishing.

Social Media

Máire P. Walsh is a social media instructor for Berkeley Advanced Media Institute, in addition to her position as Digital Strategy Director at Subdirect. She oversees digital media marketing including content strategy, social media, and call-to-action marketing for digital media priorities. She also works with clients on custom digital products and works closely with key partners in social media and technology industries to ensure client success. Máire went from managing circulation for a lifestyle magazine to leading a team that helped build retail sales and partnerships for over 70 national magazines at the Independent Press Association. Máire has been featured in Folio, Audience Marketing, Publishing Executive, The Irish Times, and Yahoo Finance and is a regular speaker at media industry conferences on audience development and engagement strategies. Tupac Saavedra is a director of photography, journalist and documentary filmmaker that splits his time between his native home, Bolivia and the United States. A 2007 alum of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, he is currently a senior producer at AJ+, where he creates viral content for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. His production company, Prana Eyes Media, has produced four documentaries for public broadcast, one of which, “On the Road with Evo,” won Best Documentary Award Emerging Filmmaker from the Pacific Pioneer Fund.

Data Visualization

Peter Aldhous is a science journalist with BuzzFeed News and data visualization instructor for Berkeley Advanced Media Institute. He also teaches data visualization at the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley, investigative reporting in the Science Communication Program at the UC Santa Cruz, and has developed online training materials in data visualization for the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Peter got his start in journalism in 1989 as a reporter for Nature in London, fresh from a PhD in animal behavior. Later he worked as European correspondent for Science, news editor for New Scientist and chief news and features editor with Nature, before moving to California in 2005 to become New Scientist‘s San Francisco bureau chief. Peter works with free tools to ‘interview’ and visualize data – from scans of his own DNA to records of human conflict. His projects include web apps that have explored the local and global history of climate change, and the number of Earth-like planets in our galaxy. Peter’s articles have won awards from bodies including the Association of British Science Writers, the Society of Environmental Journalists, and the Wistar Institute.

Visual Storytelling: Video & Photography

Shaleece Haas is a filmmaker, multimedia journalist and video storytelling instructor for Berkeley Advanced Media Institute. She is the director/producer of the forthcoming documentary Real Boy, a coming-of-age story about a transgender teenager with musical aspirations. Most recently, she co-produced The Genius of Marian, a film about the heartbreak of Alzheimer’s, the power of art and the meaning of family (POV, 2014). She has also served on the production teams of several short and feature-length documentaries for public television Shaleece came to filmmaking through her work as a photojournalist. Her images have appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and in magazines including Marie Claire, Utne Reader, and Ms. Magazine. While living in New York City, she also had the privilege of listening to hundreds of life stories through her work for the national oral history project, StoryCorps. Richard Taylor is the BBC North American technology correspondent based in San Francisco Bay Area and creator of the BBC’s global technology brand, ‘Click’, broadcast in the UK and on TV in English and other language services.  He is also a lead Berkeley Advanced Media Institute innovation and video instructor. Chris Schodt is a freelance multimedia journalist and recent graduate of the UC Berkeley graduate school of journalism. Previously working in environmental science, Chris now focuses on science, technology, and culture. His work includes video, animation, and data visualization, and has had work published by the Verge, the BBC, and National Geographic. Chris has been working with the Berkeley AMI for the last year, producing online training and mentoring journalists one-on-one in new media skills. Jake Nicol is a national Emmy-nominated multimedia journalist and video producer based in Oakland, CA. He is currently a staff video journalist with The Wall Street Journal in San Francisco and previously worked as a freelance video producer for National Geographic. His work focuses primarily on national and international social issues, with an emphasis on public health, immigration, justice, and investigative reporting.

New Media

Jeremy Rue is lecturer of digital storytelling at the Graduate School of Journalism UC Berkeley and a multimedia instructor for Berkeley Advanced Media Institute. He has taught workshops to hundreds of professional journalists on new media storytelling techniques. He has spoken at conferences for the Associated Press Managing Editors, National Association of Hispanic Journalists, National Association of Black Journalists, American Association of Sunday Feature Editors and the Association of Alternative Newsmedia. He has led several newsroom trainings on the transition to digital journalism, including National Public Radio, American Public Media and the University of California Office of the President. He was a technical editor for several textbooks on Adobe Flash, and Adobe Dreamweaver. Rue worked as a multimedia journalist for the Oakland Tribune; as a multimedia producer and photographer for a Carnegie-Knight funded reporting fellowship; as a photojournalist for The Fresno Bee, The Modesto Bee and the Duluth News-Tribune in Minnesota; and as a reporter for the Selma Enterprise. Rue is the recipient of the 2007 Dorothea Lange Fellowship for his photo documentary work on migrant farm workers in the California Central Valley. Richard Koci Hernandez is a national Emmy award winning video and multimedia producer and worked as a photojournalist at the San Jose Mercury News for 15 years. His work has appeared in Time, Wired, The New York Times, a National Geographic book and international magazines. In 2008, Richard was awarded a national Emmy award for the New Approaches to Documentary category for his executive producer work on the Mercury News video entitled, Uprooted. He currently serves as an Assistant Professor for New Media at the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley.

Audio & Podcasting

Ben Manilla is one of America’s foremost award winning, audio producers. His 30-year career spans all aspects of creative sound production. He has invented series for National Public Radio, The Disney Company, The Library of Congress, CBS, PBS, and many others. He created a full-time satellite channel for Starbucks, invented a new music format for public radio in Milwaukee, and for 20 years has collaborated with Dan Aykroyd on the House of Blues radio series. Together, they wrote the book, “Elwood’s Blues”. Laura Klivans has worked in education for over ten years as a teacher, facilitator, curriculum developer, and program manager. She has a master’s in journalism from UC Berkeley, and a master’s in education from Harvard University. She has a passion for journalism, especially audio, and you can hear her work on Public Radio International, KQED, and KALW. Anna Sale  is the creator and host of Death, Sex & Money, the podcast from WNYC Studios about “the things we think about a lot and need to talk about more.” After debuting at the top of the iTunes chart in 2014, Death, Sex & Money was named the #1 podcast of the year by New York Magazine in 2015 and in 2016, Anna won a Gracie for best podcast host. Lacy Roberts is an independent audio producer, documentary producer, and journalist and currently the associate audio producer with Al Jazeera Media Network.  She is also in production of a new film, “Coming of Age in Canada,” that recently won the New York Times Op Docs Pitch Competition. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, PBS Newshour, NPR’s Here and Now, The California Report, and local public radio stations around the country. Claire Mullen, associate sound designer and audio engineer for Reveal. Before joining Reveal, she was an assistant producer at Radio Ambulante and worked with KALW, KQED, and the Association of Independents in Radio. Sam Harnett is a radio producer and reporter who contributes regularly to NPR, Marketplace, The World, The California Report, and KQED News. He is the co-creator of The World According to Sound, a 90 second radio show that features different sounds and the stories behind them and Driving With Strangers – a podcast of stories told to a taxi driver. Megan Jones is a creative content strategist,  digital multimedia producer and storytelling facilitator. Her work has aired on public radio stations across the country and on podcasts such as Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller and 51% on WAMC Northeast. Notable clients have included Genentech, Hachette Audio for Theft by Finding by David Sedaris, GE Energy and GE Digital, Ear Hustle for Radiotopia, The Stoop, The Specialist  podcast, and Southern Company. Hana Baba is a journalist with 20 years experience in the world of radio journalism. She is a reporter and host of “CrossCurrents”- a daily radio newsmagazine- broadcast on KALW Public Radio in San Francisco, CA. Her freelance work appears on NPR programs, PRI’s The World, BBC World Service, and New America Media. She recently launched her own podcast series The Stoop with cohost Leila Day. Julie Caine is the executive producer audio at Al Jazeera Digital. She was previously the managing producer for Crosscurrents, KALW’s award-winning newsmagazine and lead producer of Audiograph, a KALW series that uses sound to tell the stories of the San Francisco Bay Area. Her radio documentary, Squeezebox Stories won an SPJ award for best arts and culture reporting.

Coding & Programming

Evan Wagstaff is currently a Los Angeles Times web producer, managing the organization’s homepage, building interactive projects, and supporting the relaunch of the new responsive site at latimes.com. An alumnus of the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, Evan has a background in traditional journalism with experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He is the lead programming and coding instructor for Berkeley Advanced Media Institute.


Mariana Santos, founder and co-director of Chicas Poderosas, is a trained animator and visual storyteller who  while working at the Guardian, London, pioneered newsroom use of motion graphics to make data stories more compelling.  Previously, she was the director of interactive and animation with Fusion, directed the Rio 2016 Olympics infographic and animation team, and was the Knight Chair of Innovation at FIU.

VR & 360 Video

Lakshmi Sarah has produced video and written pieces for newspapers, radio and magazines from Gaborone, Botswana to Los Angeles, California. She has produced video for Fusion, AJ+ and KQED Arts and has spearheaded VR/360 video for new media organizations. Melissa Bosworth is a multimedia journalist based in Berkeley, California who began her career as a magazine writer covering renewable energy. She has shifted her focus to multimedia storytelling, from interactive news package production to virtual reality & 360 video.