FreeDive Updates And Future Plans

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freeDive updates and future plans

Hardly seems like a month has passed since the launch of freeDive. We’re pleased at how quickly it has caught on and that it’s in use, especially as an experimental product. Here are a few examples:

freeDive tips and tricks

Check out this tutorial for techniques to get the most out of freeDive. It includes preloading results on a page, embedding images and links and using live data. If there’s something else that you want, be sure to let us know in the comments. We’ll add more items as time permits.

What’s next

A big round of thanks goes out to everyone who offered feedback and support. It helped us build a list of changes and features that we want to implement. Some changes are already in place and others will take place over the next few months. Here’s a look at what you can expect: Search widget
  • Make headline editable – Done
  • Make numeric search optional – Done
  • Make explanatory text editable – Within 30 days
  • Create option for search button that alternates between “Search” and “See all records” if no search terms are entered. – Done
  • Create pulldown options for primary search – Expected in Beta version
Secondary filters
  • Make the second and third filters optional. – Done
  • Allow each filter to be changed to any type (numeric slider, pick list or text filter). – Done
Interactive table
  • Create loading message for users when requesting a large number of records.  – Done
Additional features
  • Charting options: Ability to draw bar, scatter plots and other graphs dynamically based on search results. – Bar and bubble charts are done. More are in the works
  • International language support (some special characters cause freeDive to break).  – Expected in Beta version.