Unleash your inner data geek

Data Chart   This year we’ve had a surge of interest in our data viz workshops. Our January training quickly filled to capacity, and we’ve had a lot of requests asking for a second session.  So, drumroll please…we eagerly present our spring Visualizing Data Workshop Series. Sign up for one session, take all three–your choice. This is a chance to introduce you to the basics and then focus your learning on a few key methods for harnessing and illustrating data. Data Visualization  March 8 & 9, 2013 This is good overall course for people who are totally new to data tables, charts and maps. The only prerequisite is having a Gmail account. We’ll show you how to clean up data files in Google Spreadsheets, make simple, effective charts, and customize Google Maps. We also discuss the main design principles of intelligent data visualization. Register by 2/21/2013 for 10% discount. Visualizing Data with Google APIs   April 5 & 6, 2013 This workshop is a chance to advance your data viz skills by introducing tools for creating interactive functions. We will show you how to use Google Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to create projects like motion charts, heat maps and annotated timelines. This is an intermediate workshop. It is best suited for participants of the March Data Visualization workshop OR those with the following experience:
  • Creating charts with Google Spreadsheets
  • Working with the Google Fusion Tables
  • Basic understanding of HTML and CSS
Register by 3/25/2013 for 10% discount. Data Driven Maps  April 19 & 20, 2013 Data Driven Maps are some of the most effective tools for illustrating complex concepts.  We’ll show you how to use Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to enhance your map designs. This includes hands-on instruction with QGIS, a free, open source GIS tool. We’ll also demonstrate options for creating custom map styles and creating map layers. You don’t need to come in with any mapping skills, but a basic understanding of Google Spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel is helpful. Register by 4/1/2013 for 10% discount.