How to Convince Your Employer to Fund Your Training

Justify your continuing education to your supervisor, and gain funding (or reimbursement) for skill-building courses.  Acquiring knowledge and honing your skills can be important as you try to grow your career, change jobs, or gain a competitive edge in your industry. Continuing education can make a huge difference as you explore where you want your…

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Create Custom Maps in Google Maps

create custom maps with google maps

How To Create Custom Maps using Google Maps In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a map using Google Maps; how to customize that map manually or by importing data from a spreadsheet; and how to publish it on your site. Create a basic map Start by heading to Click on the menu icon…

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Using OpenRefine to Clean Your Data

using openrefine to clean data

Introduction Almost every dataset you’ll encounter will be messy. Often, there are inconsistencies in the way the data is entered –– from misspellings to extra spaces –– that can make the data difficult to analyze later. It’s super important to clean your data before trying to use it in any way. In this tutorial, we’ll…

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Databases of Statistical Information

Databases of Statistical Information A wealth of demographic and other data is available on a city, county, state and national level in the United States. But navigating the maze of government and private agencies that collect data to find statistics on a particular topic is often daunting. This guide lists the websites of major US…

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Visualizing Data: A Guide to Chart Types

visualizing data chart types

When it comes to data, the most appropriate chart type depends on the message you’re trying to convey. Certain types of data visualizations more clearly express the relationship between elements, whereas others may confuse the viewer. Use this guide to determine which chart type is best-suited for your data set. Basic Terms A relationship tries to show…

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Graphic Design for Data Visualization

graphic design for data visualization

Graphic Design for Data Visualization In this video recording you’ll learn best practices and get useful tips in graphic design when working with data to create visual stories. You’ll be inspired to explore data and share stories with data visualizations.   Originally produced live as an interactive tutorial for CAHealthViz health professionals. Produced by Berkeley Advanced Media Institute with Mariana…

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QGIS basics for Journalists

Tutorial: QGIS basics for Journalists By Len De Groot Introduction QGIS is a free, open source GIS application for Windows and Mac that provides a great starting point for journalists who want to learn to explore data with maps. Understanding how to visualize map data is an important skill but it can be intimidating. This…

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A Quick and Easy Guide to Spreadsheets

tutorial spreadsheets

A spreadsheet is a software program you use to easily perform mathematical calculations on statistical data and totaling long columns of numbers or determining percentages and averages. And if any of the raw numbers you put into your spreadsheet should change – like if you obtain final figures to substitute for preliminary ones for example…

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