Copyright & Use Glossary

As you gather media assets like images, videos, sound effects or music for your project, it’s important to understand the rules and regulations for use of material that is not your own. This glossary is a guide to help you understand the basic terminology of copyright and use. Copyright: The exclusive legal right, given to…

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How to Tune Into a Facebook or Instagram Live Video

how to tune into facebook or instagram live stream

Learn how to make your own mobile media video on your iPhone here. The amount of content available to us at any given moment can be baffling. It can be difficult to identify the proper spot to tune into content you actually want to pay attention to. Many brands are turning to Facebook and Instagram…

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Free Stock Photos Resources

Free stock photos Resources for free stock photographs Unsplash Unsplash serves up 10 new “do whatever you want” photos every 10 days. With pages upon pages to choose from, you won’t run into any cheesy, “Smiling Boss Shaking Hands With Male Employee” shots. Not to mention, every photo published on Unsplash is licensed under Creative…

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How to Make GIFs

giphy gifmaker

How to Make GIFs What is a GIF? GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, but all you really need to know is that GIFs are short animations that are endlessly looped and shared on the internet. They can be original creations by a user (like the GIF we made at the top of this page), or…

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Storytelling Apps and Tools

There are many free applications and online tools journalists can use to make different types of stories, from interactives and graphics to data visualizations and maps. These are links to many of the most useful and popular ones and tutorials on how to use them for effective storytelling. Google Charts Google Charts lets you generate…

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