Summit: Media Innovation • Emerging Technology • Design

Media Innovation • Emerging Technology • Design


Join us for two days of inspiration and exploration into the role of technology in media innovation. Participate in stimulating conversations with media thought leaders, designers, and industry innovators. Take part in discussing the challenges and potential solutions as we look to the future of media.


Designing for Innovation

May 14th


When innovation succeeds, what does it look like, and when it fails how to you move forward? Insights and actionable tips from experts in media innovation.

Networking Lunch



Industry leaders speak to innovation as it relates to developing online revenue models and engaging diverse, and niche audiences.

Opportunities & Consequences

for Media & Journalism with Emerging Technologies

May 15th


Artificial intelligence/machine learning and voice recognition are here now. What is the impact on journalism and how will media companies adapt to this new technology?

Networking Lunch



Exploring the emergence of mixed reality – augmented reality/virtual reality– and the interaction with our data, stories, and information. How are journalists and media companies using this new technology now and what is the potential for the future?

Speakers to be announced soon.




Summit Location

UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

121 North Gate Hall

Berkeley, CA USA 94720


telephone: 510-642-3892

By Invitation Only

You will be joined by twenty leading Norwegian journalists, editors and media makers who have been selected by a discerning panel to attend. We are opening the remaining 15 seats to interested media innovators from throughout the world.  Please click here for an invitation to this exclusive event.