Norwegian Media Innovation Tour and Summit 2019

The Media Innovation Tour & Summit is an international collaboration between
the Norwegian Institutt for Journalistikk & the Berkeley Advanced Media Institute,
highlighting  the opportunities and consequences of emerging
technology, innovation, and design thinking to media and journalism.

Applying Design Thinking to Innovation

Fredrikstad, Norway | September 23-25, 2019

Design thinking is about applying the human experience to innovation. Digital news and media organizations often approach innovation from the technology lens and not the lens of the human user. To design great digital products and services, it’s about first understanding the people we are designing for.

During he first phase of our program we’ll learn how to innovate and design great digital products and services by looking beyond a screen or device. We’ll work hands-on to uncover insights and ideas, and to understand why prototyping is essential to  developing truly useful, usable and enjoyable digital innovations.


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Audience Engagement & The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on News and Media

Berkeley, CA USA | October 28-31, 2019

It seems now more important than ever to explore the relationship between digital news and media organizations and the audiences they serve.  Can personalization lead to loyalty, added value, and audience engagement? What is this connection to revenue models? Technology and artificial intelligence is already offering opportunities in other industries. How will news and media use these opportunities to increase audience engagement and what is the impact?

During the second phase of our program, we’ll hear from innovators in news organizations who have employed personalization, and loyalty programs to increase audience engagement and revenue. We will learn from media companies who are currently using artificial intelligence to innovate and build new products to serve journalists. We’ll also get a glimpse of the rapid pace of evolving technologies and the impacts on journalism, and the news and information industry.


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