Norwegian Media Innovation Tour & Summit

Norwegian Media Innovation Tour & Summit

The Media Innovation Tour & Summit is an international collaboration between the Norwegian Institutt for Journalistikk and the Berkeley Advanced Media Institute, highlighting  the opportunities and consequences of technology, innovation, and design to media and journalism.

Oslo, Norway. The media landscape is rapidly evolving.  We’ll hear from Peder Inge Furseth, professor, Norwegian Business School, and Eivind Lid,  director, Norwegian Institute of Journalism on how media companies can use innovation to thrive and why it’s critical to the success of media in Norway. Following, Stale de Lange Kofoed, assistant director, Norwegian Institute of Journalism and media leader from Schibsted will lead a discussion on innovation within your organizational structure and lessons learned from a successful media house.

Fredrikstad, Norway.  Begin to learn how to apply innovation to media with two-days of hands-on, experiential training on human centered design with IDEO trained facilitator, Sina Mossayeb.

Berkeley, CA. Begin the summit with two days of inspiration and exploration into  the role of technology in media innovation. Take part in discussing the challenges and possible solutions as we look to future of media. Join media leaders and industry  innovators as we delve into augmented reality, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and voice recognition technologies. Plus, learn how innovation is driving audience engagement and diversified revenue models in the online media environment. On day three we’ll start the morning by donning virtual reality headsets for a unique presentation by Nathalie Mathe from Native VR, followed by a presentation from inspirational, Gro Dyrnes, Head of Innovation Norway. Then in the afternoon we’ll follow-up with presentations from design teams. 

San Francisco, CA. On the fourth day, prepare yourself for hosted on-site visits with leading media and innovation companies. Possible visits include Autodesk, Twitter, Medium, Tested, & IDEO.



April 23: Innovation 2018- Make it work!
  • Morning

Peder Inge Furseth, Associate professor, BI Norwegian Business School
Innovation models and why innovation is important for the Norwegian media industry.

Ståle de Lange Kofoed and Eivind A. Fjellstad, The Norwegian Institute for Journalism
How well are your media company prepared for innovation? Do you have the right organization, people and structures in place? And what to do about ideas that show up at the wrong time? Presentation and hands-on work with The Penthatlon Framework (Goffin & Mitchell, 2010)


  • Afternoon

Pål Nedregotten, EVP for Innovation, Business development and Strategy analysis at Amedia
This is how Amedia innovates.

Sina Mossayeb, VP Expa, Vicki Hammarstedt, Director Berkeley Advanced Media Institute
The collaborative mindset presentation.

Workshop: applying design thinking mindsets.


April 24: Innovation Through Human Centered Design
  • Morning

Sina Mossayeb, VP Expa, Vicki Hammarstedt, Director Berkeley Advanced Media Institute,  Jaclyn Leaver, HCD Facilitator
An exploration of the broader implications and value of human centered design (HCD) as a problem solving methodology, with an overview, to include hands-on activities, of the entire cycle of the HCD process: inspiration, ideation, and implementation.


  • Afternoon

How to apply human centered design to innovation and journalism. Gain a deeper exploration into inspiration, design research, and trends on new forms of media platforms.  We’ll do live interviews with users, download and cluster, and then craft insights and identify the problem statement and opportunity area.  Applying ideation through models and with hands-on activities.


April 25: HCD Applying Implementation, Iteration & Prototyping
  • Morning

Sina Mossayeb, VP Expa, Vicki Hammarstedt, Director Berkeley Advanced Media Institute,  Jaclyn Leaver, HCD Facilitator
A highly interactive day that begins with a warm up activity, a review of HCD,  and where we are in the process. Next working in teams, we’ll apply brainstorming, voting, review and vote, then sketch 3 ideas, and share these ideas for feedback with another team. The fun begins as we move to build a prototype of each team’s idea.


  • Afternoon

This session focuses on iterations of the prototype, more design and then presentations to get and give feedback. Pulling together everything we’ve experienced, we’ll explore project ideas from participants, looking at the problem, to the needs and the plan. And finally, discussions on the  information, and preparation for GAP weeks and follow-on sessions in Berkeley, CA.



May 14:  Designing for Innovation
  • Morning

David Cohn, Senior Director, Advanced Digital
A look at the current state of the industry and the role innovation has and will continue to play as we move forward. Why it’s okay to experiment and fail, and what does it look like to push an organization forward? 

Understanding Design and Development

Amanda Hickman, Factful
A discussion on design and development with a journalist turned developer who led BuzzFeeds Open Lab for Journalism, Technology, and the Arts; exploring the process of trying something new, and how to identify failure and what success looks like.  

Katie Zhu, Product and Engineering, Medium
Looking at journalism through the lens of a design minded developer, and how media products evolve in a non traditional media organization, Medium.

Workshop: Ordering business priorities

Lunch in the courtyard

  • Afternoon

Online engagement

Julia B. Chan, Director of Audience, Mother Jones
Delve into the intersection of editorial, engagement and business operations by understanding how to turn “traffic” into an engaged audience and understanding the impact this can have to a media organization.

Workshop: Observing your own habits


Frederic Filloux, Senior Research Fellow, JSK Stanford
Exploration into the business of media, and innovative sustainable revenue  models. How has the industry changed and more importantly what are the avenues forward for real growth? 

Workshop: Revenue ideation

Wine Tasting in the Courtyard


May 15: Opportunities & Consequences with Emerging Technologies
  • Morning

Chris Messina, Co-founder, Molly
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and voice recognition are here now. What is the impact on journalism and how will media companies adapt to this new technology?

Saul Carlin, CEO & co-founder, Subcast
A demonstration from Subcast,  a ‘Conversational UI’ startup, or smart radio. Discuss how journalism and media companies are poised to leverage new platforms such as Alexa- and other voice enabled speakers and smart phones.

Workshop: Breakdown the product

Lunch in the courtyard

  • Afternoon

Sam Woolley, Research Director Institute for the Future, Alastair Dant, Principal Engineer, Primer AI, and Chris Hart, CEO & Founder True Anthem.
How might AI be used by journalists and where might it be at odds with journalism? An open and frank conversation about artificial intelligence: how it is being used to distribute stories, write stories and to manipulate the public. 

Nani Sarah Walker, AR/VR Producer, Center for Augmented Cognition and Robin Hunicke
What can journalism learn from game-designers and what is next? A discussion to explore the intersection of virtual reality and game design. 

Daniel Sieberg, Co-founder & Ecosystem Growth Lead, Civil
“Blockchain” and  Bitcoin. How can this new technology be applied to journalism? Looking at a cutting edge application of Blockchain to media and how this could be the opportunity for media companies to get ahead of technology companies and control their own platforms and take control of the media ecosystem.

May 16: Inspiration & Prototyping
  • Morning

Nathalie Mathe, Native VR
Put on a Samsung headset for a unique UTurn 360 degree, live action viewing experience. Thanks to Samsung for the generous use of their Sumsung Gear VR headset with the Galaxy Note8.

Sina Mossayeb, VP EXPA
What can we learn from live prototyping?

Lunch in the courtyard

  • Afternoon

Gro DyrnesDirector, Innovation Norway

Sina Mossayeb & Vicki Hammarstedt, Facilitators
Presentations on project plans and pitch from participant teams.

Hosted dinner

May 17: Media Tour

Visits with presentations-in San Francisco, CA with leading innovative media organizations.

IDEO, The Verge, Medium, CBS Interactive, Reveal/CIR, Wired

visits subject to change

May 18: Sonoma Valley Wine Tour

A complete wine experience with winery tours, tastings in Sonoma Valley, and lunch in Sonoma Plaza.