Podcast Services

Podcast Services

Berkeley Food Institute Podcast Reporter On Site

Podcasting is the new “gold” in digital media. As a medium it’s easily consumable – we are able to multitask while listening, and podcasts are available on a multitude of mobile devices. With the increase for this on-demand audio there is a need for more high-quality professional podcasts to be produced.


As with any form of digital storytelling, podcasting is an art form within itself that requires a keen understanding of audio production. That’s why we are now adding Podcast Production Services & Consulting at Berkeley Advanced Media Institute.


Give us a shout and let us help you produce your next podcast single or series.


Contact director Vicki Hammarstedt at vhammarstedt@berkeley.edu or by phone at 510-642-3892.


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Just Food is a new podcast series we produced for the Berkeley Food Institute.

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