Podcast Services

Podcast Services

Podcasting is the new “gold” in digital media. As a medium it’s easily consumable – we are able to multitask while listening, and podcasts are available on a multitude of mobile devices. With the increase for this on-demand audio there is a need for more high-quality professional podcasts to be produced.

As with any form of digital storytelling, podcasting is an art form within itself that requires a keen understanding of audio production. That’s why we are now adding Podcast Production Services & Consulting at Berkeley Advanced Media Institute.

Give us a shout and let us help you produce your next podcast single or series.

Contact director Ben Manilla at benmanilla@berkeley.edu or by phone at 415.235.8491.

Below: Berkeley Food Institute reporter on site.

podcast production services


podcast planning services


A lot of thought goes into a successful audio piece. Our team is comprised of industry professionals who know what it takes to make a high-quality podcast. Together we’ll plot out your narrative, identify your target audience, and develop an action plan for producing your podcast.


Did you know that people will tolerate low-quality video, but not low-quality audio? Good audio quality is worth the investment. Let our team take care of the production of your podcast, and we’ll bring our best reporters with the best gear.


Audio mixing is an art. Our team will work with you to piece your narrative together into a cohesive audio story. We will work to make sure the dialogue is seamless and smooth, adding intros, outros, music, and relevant sound effects.


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