Speaker Series

Speaker Series

The Speaker Series brings together UC Berkeley Faculty, Berkeley Advanced Media Institute master instructors, and subject matter experts to elevate and refine your digital media practice. These free, virtual events center around a range of topics, many examining the technical process of media production and publication.

Speaker Series is no longer being updated.

Richard Koci Hernandez image

Developing Your Eye For Street Photography with Richard Koci Hernandez

Emmy Award winner Richard Koci Hernandez shares how he prepares and sets up to take a photo that tells a compelling story.


Caroline Scott photo

How To Create Captivating Videos For Social Media with Caroline Scott

Caroline Scott, a journalist and highly experienced mobile media trainer, shows you how to shoot and edit short-form video stories on your smartphone.


Peter Aldhous image

How To Approach A Data Visualization Story with Peter Aldhous, Ph.D.

Dr. Aldhous, is an award-winning science and investigative reporter, specializing in science journalism, data analysis and visualization.