Ready To Choose Your Podcast Format?

podcast formats

If you’re considering creating a podcast, the first step is to think about the format that will best tell your story. While there are many podcast formats, choosing the right one is crucial for engaging your audience and keeping them coming back for more.

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Adobe Audition Audio Editing Quick Start Guide

adobe audition tutorial

ADOBE AUDITION Audio Editing QUICK START GUIDE This quick start guide is a beginners introduction to Adobe Audition for audio editing.  Audio editing is often where the story is made.  This easy to follow video provides basic audio editing skills that can be applied to podcasting or any audio file. Looking for instruction on how…

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Audio Recorders

Portable digital audio recorders are designed for many different uses. Some are geared specifically for musical recording artists, others are built for electronic news gathering in the field. It is important to understand the differences in the features each recorder offers. Portable digital audio recorders are still in their infancy in terms of cost and…

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