Macintosh OS X—Getting Started

Tutorial: Macintosh OS X—Getting Started


Macintosh OS X is UNIX based and UNIX certified. UNIX is supported by developers all over the world. UNIX has been evolving since 1969 and is considered the most stable and secure operating system available.

Macintosh—Getting Started

Learning to use the Macintosh Operating System is like learning any new skill. Start with the basics. You’ll be amazed how fast you’ll pick up progressively more advanced techniques. Getting Started—Video Tutorials. Most of these videos are less than 3 minutes. Anatomy of a Mac [2:30] Finder Basics [1:55] The Finder: using the Sidebar [2:50] Move to Mac [3:52] Switching to a Mac from a PC [5:41] Personalizing Your Mac [2:12] Wireless Basics [2:48] Setting Up Your Wireless Network [2:23] Mail Basics [3:24] Going Further with Mail [2:09] Organizing you Mail [2:08] Using Safari [4:10] iChat Basics [3:46] Exposé Basics [1:32] Time Machine Basics [2:47]

Finder Tips

The OS X Finder is your way to manage all your files. Leaning how to manage where you work is saved and how to keep your work organized is an essential skill. Here are some tips that will help you take advantage of OS X to better manage you work. Viewing Files Copying and Pasting Files Locking Files Quick Look Customizing the Finder Managing Multiple Windows Advanced “Find File” Options Smart Folders Spotlight Boolean Searches in Spotlight Getting Detailed Information about a File or Folder Where did this file come from? Securing Your Computer and Files.\ Download Defensively Help Lookup Definitions from Multiple Sources Understanding Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard Capture Keyboard Shortcuts Setting Up Workspaces (Spaces)

Mail Productivity Tips

Mail is a critical tool in today’s world. These tips take you beyond the basics. Being a power Mail user is easy and will have a positive impact on your productivity. Multiple eMail Accounts Junk Mail Filtering Creating “To Do” items in Mail Using Data Detectors in Mail eMail Rules Mail as RSS Reader Organizing RSS in Mail Mail Web Link *Fast* Using Lists in Mail Downloading Linked Files Using Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) in Mail Using Mail Conversation Threads

Safari Tips

Safari is an advanced Web browser. Leaning to go beyond the basics with Safari will enable you do work more efficiently. Private Web Browsing Safari Shortcuts Safari Tab Tips Bookmarking Multiple Tabs Opening Multiple Sites Instantly PDFs in Safari

Getting Started—Text Tutorials

Video tutorials are great, but sometimes all you need is a picture and some text to see how something is done. These text tutorials are great “jolts” of information that show how to do a task in a simple, easy to understand format. Quickly Switch Between Applications Block Ads in Safari Email a PDF Quickly Email a Photo Email a Web Link Instantly Add a Buddy to iChat Create a Buddy Icon with Photo Booth Add an RSS Feed to Mail

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