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5 Content Marketing Lessons from Journalists

What can content marketers learn from journalists?

June Multimedia Institute: What you’ll take away

The June 10-21 Multimedia Institute is an intensive multi-platform training program designed to equip journalists, educators and other professionals with skills in visual storytelling, data visualization and social media.

LIVE Storify: Complexity & Context Data Journalism Symposium

Journalists, technologists and civic leaders talk trends and implications for the future of data journalism.

Q&A with Alberto Cairo: Exploring the art and ethics of infographics

Alberto Cairo on the art of infographics and the ethical dilemmas that come with the field of data visualization.

Free Online Training Series in Data Journalism

We are bringing world class digital training straight to you. And, yep, it’s FREE.

Unleash your inner data geek

Join our spring Visualizing Data Workshop Series.

Data visualization workshop take-aways

Examples of interactive charts and maps - take-aways from the Data Visualization workshop in January 2013.

Data Visualization for Storytellers

Some of the most compelling information about our world can be found in data. But just because you shape those numbers into a graph doesn't make it a story.

Beyond Infographics: 12 Ways to Visualize Data

Guest blogger Patrick Winfield looks beyond the basic pie charts and infographics to explore other techniques and tools that can help visualize data.

Information is Beautiful Awards Celebrates Data Viz Experts

Data is beautiful. Skeptical? Check out the finalists for the first Information is Beautiful Awards.

KDMC Alumnus Patrick Doyle wins the Knight-Risser Prize for Western Environmental Journalism.

KDMC Alumnus Patrick Doyle wins the Knight-Risser Prize for Western Environmental Journalism.

KDMC Alumna Launches Online Tech Magazine.

KDMC Fellow Launches Online Tech Magazine.

Better timelines through editing

Tough editing makes TimelineSetter interactive timelines more effective.

Web Design Principles Slideshow

As part of the May Multimedia Workshop, KDMC webmaster Scot Hacker presented a talk on web design principles. His slides from the talk are available below. This presentation is an overview of general web design principles for journalists, including best practices in layout, typography, color selection, and more

Design Notes from the NY Times

The NY Times has posted an interesting interview with Design Director Khoi Vinh, who discusses some of the more  obscure/hidden aspects of the Gray Lady's online presence.  One of the things that's always struck me about is its choice of a large-ish, serif'd font - something about that choice has always seemed a bit anachronistic ...

What has art got to do with it?

Can an art exhibition in New York help news organizations adapt to a 21st Century audience?