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5 Content Marketing Lessons from Journalists

What can content marketers learn from journalists?

Arts & Culture Storytelling on the Web: Tenacity and Tools Required

Arts & Culture Storytelling on the Web: Tenacity and Tools Required

By Gary Moskowitz

A few months ago, Bloomberg laid off its theater critic and dismantled its culture desk to focus simply on "luxury." USC's Annenberg School is shutting down its Getty Arts Journalism fellowship program. Harvard's Nieman Fellowship in Arts & Culture Reporting no longer exists. In recent years ...

Envisioning the Future

Help kdmcBerkeley envision the future. Share with us your thoughts on how we can help you become a better storyteller in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

June Multimedia Institute: What you’ll take away

The June 10-21 Multimedia Institute is an intensive multi-platform training program designed to equip journalists, educators and other professionals with skills in visual storytelling, data visualization and social media.

LIVE Storify: Complexity & Context Data Journalism Symposium

Journalists, technologists and civic leaders talk trends and implications for the future of data journalism.

Our First Ever Data Journalism Symposium

Data Symposium at kdmcBerkeley-transforming the way we tell stories with data. For data journalists, non-profits interested in new ideas for communicating information, and higher education professionals.

Free Online Training Series in Data Journalism

We are bringing world class digital training straight to you. And, yep, it’s FREE.

Unleash your inner data geek

Join our spring Visualizing Data Workshop Series.

Custom Trainings: Supporting the Next Generation of Broadcast Media

How can television and radio stations effectively adapt their content for the web, especially new mobile platforms? We can help.

Video Storytelling Workshop: Three things you'll take away

Journalists, educators and media professionals can all benefit from video storytelling skills. We’re not talking Oscar-worthy filmmaking here. Just the ability to shoot, edit and present compelling video content. We can help.

Beyond Infographics: 12 Ways to Visualize Data

Guest blogger Patrick Winfield looks beyond the basic pie charts and infographics to explore other techniques and tools that can help visualize data.

TJ Kelly: Social Media and The Impact of Storytelling

Social media marketing expert TJ Kelly has worked with some of the biggest clients in the world (eBay, HP, Charles Schwab). Here he shows journalists, educators and public affairs experts how to use the same strategies to engage their communities.

Friends and alumni of kdmcBerkeley top nominees for Online Journalism Awards

Check out the outstanding work of kdmcBerkeley's extended family.

Storytellers: Master the Modern Toolbox

Reporting meaningful stories with the latest digital tools can be confusing, even for the tech savvy journalist. Let us help.

Do You Want To Be A Multimedia Rockstar?

Multimedia Storytelling Institute

8 Tips for Telling Beautiful Multimedia Stories

A handful of Spain's best visual journalists explain the keys to tell expert multimedia stories.

Reduce Ambient Noise When Recording in Home Studios

As a freelancer or independent journalist, how do you produce broadcast quality audio without the luxury of a quiet, professional studio?

June Web 2.0 Webcasts

Our June Web 2.0 workshop was a smashing success, and featured three excellent speakers: Grant Barrett on audience engagement, Burt Herman on Storify, Amy Gahran on mobile audiences. Webcast archives are now available.

Better timelines through editing

Tough editing makes TimelineSetter interactive timelines more effective.

Telling Stories in Different Mediums (and answering other questions about journalism)

I was contacted recently by a woman from University of West Scotland who was doing an assessment on the role of journalists in multimedia newsrooms, and she wanted to get an educator's perspective. She sent me the five following questions. I thought my responses might have broader interest, so I decided to use them in this week's blog post.

Is Your CMS a Bottleneck to Innovation?

The biggest barrier to innovation in news publishing may not be time, money, or will, but the content management system itself.

Interactive Census Workshop

Interactive Census Workshop


The KDMC at UC Berkeley is offering a customized visual storytelling workshop to train journalists on new ways to process data from the 2010 Census. Fellows will illustrate the information using visualization and mapping tools to create a clearer, more meaningful picture of the complex statistics gathered in the national survey.

In this intensive six-day workshop, you will learn to ...

Addict Fed Up, Pleads Up to Receive Drug Treatment

Djamila Grossman, staff photographer for the Odgen, Utah Standard-Examiner, produced a compelling video story, accompanied by a text story, of Damon Conrow, a young Heroin addict who made the drastic decision to plead to a higher criminal charge in order to enter the Central Utah Correctional Facility's substance abuse treatment program. 

Djmila used a variety of techniques to amplify ...

Can iPhone 4 shoot news video?

The iPhone 4's new HD camera and iMovie app are a potent combination. The iPhone can be a serviceable web video camera in breaking news situations or unplanned interviews.

A Closer Look at Interactive Timelines

Free interactive timeline tools can occasionally do more harm than good. Know the difference between a timeline and chronology.

Spring Training Resources

On April 24th, the KDMC training crew participated in a day-long Spring Training for Journalists workshop, presenting on Search Engine Optimization and choosing the right multimedia elements for a story. Here are links to resources we used in our presentations.

March 2009 Workshop Projects

It's amazing what a group of determined journalists can create in one week of intensive multimedia training. Multimedia projects created by our March 2009 fellows are now available for public viewing, and include coverage of The Center for Independent Living, Games of Berkeley, The Alameda Point Collaborative, and Urban Ore.

Interactive Narratives Launched

Interactive Narratives LogoA collection of some of the industry's best work can now be viewed at a site that recently re-launched. Interactive Narratives, sposored by the Online News Association, was set up to preset groundbreaking multimedia stories and interviews with some of the journalists pushing and playing with new forms and new media. The site will feature interviews and allow viewers ...

NAA Report on Online Video

The Newspaper Association of America has a really good report on how newspapers are and should be using online video. Lots of interesting data and examples, advice on how to shoot video and recommendations on cameras and accessories.

Online Startups by Former Newspaper Staffers

Former staffers at the St. Louis Post Dispatch are launching their own online newspaper - the St. Louis Platform. Here's a story about it in the Chicago Reader.

We're beginning to see a trend here - reporters and editors quitting their newspaper jobs or taking buyouts and launching online alternatives to their former employers. MinnPost, founded by a former Minneapolis ...

Knight Foundation Broadband Initiative in Local Communties

The Knight Foundation has announced a $35 million project to expand broadband access in several dozen communities around the United States.

This could provide an opportunity for experimenting with more sophisticated multimedia and social networking ventures, especially in under-served communities. Some details are in the Knight press release and at the web site for the project. I'll post more ...

Video Vs Photo Slideshow

A lot of news organizations are debating whether it's better to shoot lots of video for their web sites or focus instead on using a camera and audio recorder to produce photo slideshows.

The answer we give in our multimedia workshops is simple - let the story tell you the medium in which it's best told.

What we mean ...