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Two Takes on Minimalist Content

Bad for ads and monetization, great for readers? arc90's "Readability" bookmarklet lets users strip away web clutter. Meanwhile, New York Times' "Skimmer" view has similar goals, but without ceding control of page layout and advertising.

Working With Free Web Designs

Creating professional-looking designs for multimedia sites can be tedious and time-consuming. But there are thousands of free web templates out there, yours for the download. Our new Free Web Designs  tutorial guides users through web resources for working with free HTML+CSS templates, and includes a guided walk-through of our own downloadable multimedia design template.

Design Notes from the NY Times

The NY Times has posted an interesting interview with Design Director Khoi Vinh, who discusses some of the more  obscure/hidden aspects of the Gray Lady's online presence.  One of the things that's always struck me about is its choice of a large-ish, serif'd font - something about that choice has always seemed a bit anachronistic ...

What has art got to do with it?

Can an art exhibition in New York help news organizations adapt to a 21st Century audience?